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Who Are We?

Rochester Mountain Biking Team is a club sport at Rochester High School in Michigan.

This team was created by a student at RHS with the help of two parent/coach volunteers. It's focus is to introduce students to the sport of mountain biking in a fun and relaxed manner while teaching and developing the necessary skills in our student riders. 

Group rides will take place in the community at various locations. We will be riding off road, single track trails at Addison Oaks County Park, RiverBends, Bloomer Park, and Stoney Creek to name a few.

The RHS team will race in the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association MiSCA series in the fall competing against other high school students and schools. RACES ARE OPTIONAL! Students can pick and choose which ones they want to attend, IF ANY based on their interest and schedule.

When are the Rides?

Club Rides are on Monday evenings. The next season starts May 4th, 2020 and runs to September 28th.

Our optional Racing Program starts August 3rd with training rides every Monday and Wednesday evening. For those in our highest level Varsity Racing Program, practices are mandatory unless excused by Head Coach.

Races are on Sundays in the fall, starting in August. For details of the race schedule, please go to our Calendar page.

During the off season, there are  a few social events such as a night Ride to Tillson Street in Romeo, a Saturday at the Lexus Velodrome, skiing/snowboarding at Pine Knob and a trip to Ray's Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland.


How do I fit this in with my other sports? What about summer vacation?

No worries! You can work around your other sports schedules. Jump in when you can and get out and ride on your own as little or as much as possible. Just remember, the more physically active you are, the easier it is come race day. Note: Riders do not need to commit to each and every race. Let’s have some fun!

Can student riders from the community attending other schools ride with the RHS team?

Yes! We are an off-campus sports club and are not bound to the same rules and bylaws of other school sports. We operate under the MISCA rules and guidelines which allow students from other schools to join our team.

What Gear Does a Student Rider Require?


· Mountain Bike

· Helmet

· Protective Eyewear (sunglasses or clear lenses)

· Water Bottle or Hydration System

· Padded Bike Shorts (optional)

· Padded Gloves (optional) 

Our business supporter, KLM Bike & Fitness has kindly offered a racer discount. Once registered with the team, talk to Rivers at KLM on Rochester Road to discuss your needs.

What Other Costs should I plan for?

RHS has waived their club fee at this time however, there is a $50 team fee as we are entirely self funded. Checks can be made payable to "Rochester Mountain Bike Team". Your club fee includes a team cotton t-shirt and bike sticker. Cycling jerseys are available for a fee of $50 for a tech jersey (loose and baggy) and $65 for a race jersey (race fit with zipper and pockets).

Students must register in MiSCA via the Sports Illustrated Play App. Annual registration fee is $50 for all riders. Those students who choose to race will have additional fees are $25-$35 per race OR $120-$150 for the entire 6 race series depending on category entered. Categories include Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity. Same course but different number of laps. Scholarships are available through MiSCA (See Other costs may include entrance fees to various parks. 

Fee Breakdown:

Club Fee $50

MiSCA Registration Fee $50

Jersey $50-$65 (optional)

Racing Fee $25-$150 (optional)

We will let students know of other opportunities to ride in the form of clinics and camps in the area in case they are interested.

How Do I register my student?

Registration is done via Sports Illustrated Play. You can go the website and click on Register/LogIn

Adults must register a family account first and then register your student. Let us know if you need any help.

I'm super stoked for my kid! Can parents ride too?

The more adults on the trail the better as kids will often break into groups of different speeds! Just be prepared your child will be faster than you!!! MiSCA rules state that parents who wish to ride with their students must register with MiSCA for a $30 annual fee. This automatically provides you with insurance and will fund a background check to adhere to our SafeKids policy. Go to to register.

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