win a $25 klm gift certificate

This weeks challenge is plan, ride and upload your route that shows your best  Strava art. Label it as your final picture. It can be words or pictures. Strava has a great route feature that can help you plan out your creation. Judging will be done on Sunday, May 10th at 10:00 pm by one of last years Captains, Emily Eckel.

Students compete to win a $25 Gift Certificate donated by our business sponsor, KLM Bike & Fitness. Coaches compete for bragging rights. Best student art work will be featured here on the student page. Good luck! If you need inspiraton, just search Strava Art on Google. 

As Always, please ride safely and practice social distancing.

Good Luck!


Welcome to the Student Page

This page is for student driven content. Please submit cool stuff. Videos/pics/stories